AI Insights Issue #2

By Chris Carey

Welcome to the second edition of Traction Capital’s AI Insights! We are thrilled to continue our exploration of the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world of entrepreneurship.

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” 

In this edition, we present several compelling articles that highlight the latest AI trends and practical applications for your businesses:

Midjourney Beginners Tutorial

Getting Started & Creating Your First AI Art

Learn how to create AI-generated images using one of the most popular tools available.  This 5-minute video will show you how to create a discord account (which is where Midjourney lives), utilize relevant tools, and create your first piece of art!

If you’re looking to dive a bit deeper into Midjourney our portfolio company founder Shane Smith of Prime Party got hooked after coming across this video. He also shared a PDF demonstrating how he used Midjourney to create lifestyle product images for his website – check it out here!

AI-Generated Job Descriptions

For those of you that are hiring, take a look at AI-JD, a free AI job description generator. The result may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but you can count on a significant head start.  Check out what it came up with for a Traction Capital “Business Analyst” with nothing more than my email address and a job title!

ChatGPT Prompts for Startup Founders

Unsure how to leverage ChatGPT?

Here are some prompt suggestions ChatGPT generated as a result of the prompt above:

  1. Goal Setting and Planning

    • Help me set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for this quarter.
    • Generate a weekly plan based on the following tasks and priorities…
    • Could you help me break down this large project into smaller, manageable tasks?
    • What is a good way to plan and approach this specific task? (provide details about the task)
  2. Task Prioritization

    • Can you help me prioritize these tasks? (provide a list of tasks)
    • Considering the deadlines and the impact on the business, how should I prioritize these projects? (provide details about the projects)
    • How can I differentiate high-value tasks from low-value ones?
  3. Time Management

    • Can you help me create a daily schedule to manage these tasks? (provide a list of tasks)
    • Can you suggest a method for time-blocking these tasks? (provide details about tasks and available time)
    • What are some time management techniques I could use in my daily routine?
  4. Decision Making

    • Can you provide pros and cons for the following decisions? (provide details about decisions)
    • How can I make a decision matrix for these options? (provide details about the options)
    • How do I use the Eisenhower Matrix to decide on these tasks? (provide a list of tasks)
  5. Efficiency and Productivity

    • What are some strategies to increase productivity for these tasks? (provide details about the tasks)
    • What kind of productivity techniques can I use to speed up my work without compromising quality?
    • How can I eliminate or reduce distractions while working on these tasks? (provide details about the tasks)
  6. Learning and Development

    • Can you suggest some resources for improving my skills in (specific skill)?
    • How can I apply the concept of “learning how to learn” to improve my proficiency in (specific area)?


It is our hope that this second edition of AI Insights offered valuable perspectives and strategies to help you navigate the AI landscape and harness its potential for growth and innovation.

We encourage your active engagement with us! Share your thoughts, questions, and specific AI topics or challenges you’d like us to cover in future editions. Your input drives the customization of our content to meet your needs effectively.

Together, let’s unlock the full potential of AI and propel your businesses to new heights of success!


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